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2024 MS Bike - Fraser Valley

Join us on June 15, 2024

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Let's come together for 2024 MS Bike - Fraser Valley! 

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2024 MS Bike - Fraser Valley celebrates its 26th anniversary this year. Head out from Thunderbird Show Park and experience a brand new route with breathtaking scenery, and quiet roads outside the town of Langley. You can celebrate your fundraising and riding accomplishments at the beer gardens once you cross that finish line and continue your celebrations at the festive Saturday evening gala while enjoying a wonderful weekend with your MS Bike community. 

Date: June 15-16, 2024
Start/Finish Location: Thunderbird Show Park - 6975 248th St.
For more information, contact : MS Bike |


We want to ensure every MS Bike participant has the best experience possible. Whether you join us in person at 2024 MS Bike - Fraser Valley or decide to ride in a different way and record your hours on Ride with GPS,  we fully support it! Completing a 90km ride and sharing your experiences online using the hashtag #MSBike allows you to stay connected and an essential part of our MS Bike community.

Whichever road you take to complete your ride , know that your active involvement and fundraising are propelling us closer to a world free of MS!

The MS Bike Facebook Group – Join today! 

The MS Bike Facebook group is a private group that anyone can join, meant to connect the MS Bike community across Canada. In this group you can share your fundraising ideas, offer tips for hosting a virtual event, connect with members of the MS community and more!